I removed old blogs and film sites that no longer work or have been deleted on this post. While adding on crackle, a site I have heard great things about. I hope getting rid of those useless links helps you guys out.

Hope you all are doing well!


Well it was fun while it lasted, but I have now deleted all the content on this blog as you can see. I will miss all of you and your crazy requests. For many reasons, I and the other admins decided to delete the blog.¬†I am sorry if this blog was your only place to watch films and tv shows. But don’t be too sad, for I (Gabby) have decided to leave you all with the sites I used when I was linking.

Also here are blogs that link films/shows:

Tastekid is also good for recommendations 

If any of you ever want to chat with the admins, here are our personal blogs:

I will miss all of you dearly, I hope you all have a good life


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